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Nearly everyone that visits the Lit'l H Pony Express is truly impressed with our living carousel.  Here's a few excerpts from letters we have received.  If you have enjoyed the Pony Express we would love to add your comments, please email us so we can add you to our list.

bullet"I took my two daughters to the Cumming, GA Fair in October.  They were mostly excited about riding ponies, but we didn't see the pony rides until the very end.  Of course by then, we were out of cash.  I had just enough for one ride after scraping up change from my purse.  My 7 yr old graciously agreed to let my 2 yr old have the ride.  When I told the man running the rides (Gary) that I didn't have enough money for two, it took me by surprise when he told me to keep my money and send a check in the mail.  Both girls rode and were as happy as they could be.

It is rare these days to find people who are more concerned about other people than profit.  There was no guarantee I would ever send the money, but this pony ride cared more about children.

In addition to the favor given to me, I ended up in a conversation at my job 45 minutes away about the same honest man.  A coworker of mine went to the same fair a day later with her friend and her children.  She told me about a man in dark glasses and cowboy hat at the pony rides.  Her friend had dropped $20, noticed it much later, and went to all of the rides asking if it had been found.  They were shocked when the pony ride host, who could have said nothing, pulled the $20 out of his pocket and said that yes, he found it on the ground.

Two nurses, 45 minutes away from that fair, staff of 300+ nurses in that dept.  Days after the fair we had stories of the same honest man.  It warms my heart to tell that story and know there are still good people with big hearts in this world!  Thank you!!

Take care and God bless,

Esther Zimmerman - patron at Cumming, GA fair (October 2007)

bullet"WOW! We had a great week with your beautiful ponies. Thank you so much for bringing them to our resort. Your ponies are not just beautiful, but very kid friendly as well, which means a lot at a family campground!"

 Amy - Gettysburg Battlefield Resort Activity Director; Gettysburg, PA (July 2004)

bullet"We had great comments about your exhibit and it was nice to see the children walking away from your display with smiles on their faces."

Frank Ronchetti - St. Joseph Co. 4-H Fair Director; South Bend, IN (August 2001)

bullet"Your ponies...are beautiful and a great asset to any show."

Jimmy Drew - Drew Exposition, Inc.; Augusta, GA (April 2000)

bullet"Your pony ride, which is an attraction in itself, certainly added flavor to our Rally.  The professionalism and pride in which you operate, generated compliments from our executive board and spectators.  The care and the health of your ponies is very impressive.  The smiles and shrieks of delight from the children riding your ponies, sums it all up - success."

Gary Reavis - National Balloon Rally Children's Entertainment Director; Statesville, NC (February 1999)

bullet"The ponies were well groomed, and gentle.  The owners and their employees were very patient and polite to the children, even though some of the children were very active.  Their tent set-up is very nice, and everything was handled very professionally."

Judy Trainum and Linda Hoke - Moss-Marlow Building Company Inc. Picnic Committee Coordinators; Hickory, NC (August 1998)

bullet"Your ponies are beautiful, well cared for animals and the colorful tent makes a fine addition to the atmosphere of the event."

Beemer Harrell - Oktoberfest '98 Chairman; Hickory, NC (August 1998)

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